How to Calm Down Anxiety

How to Calm Down

When we panic (or have anxiety attacks) a number of things happen to us. The difference lies in the build up: anxiety usually builds up slowly, getting stronger and stronger until it becomes a full-blown attack; panic occurs instantly, usually in response to a clear and imminent threat or danger. An anxiety attack is, in effect, panic.
How to Calm Down Anxiety
In both anxiety and panic we become jumpy and jittery, on-edge, charged with energy, ready for action. This 'rush', this charge of energy for action lies at the heart of anxiety attacks and panic. By learning to breathe more slowly and deeply we can calm down.
And it's not just the speed of our breathing that is important but also how deeply we breathe. Fast shallow breathing reduces the level of Carbon Dioxide in the blood and can lead to further panic inducing symptoms. (This is why some people breathe into paper bags).
By replacing the fast, shallow breathing of anxiety and panic with deep slow breathing, where we breathe from the diaphragm (the muscular wall separating the lungs from the stomach) we redress the oxygen-CO2 balance in the body and promote a feeling of calmness.
Try diaphragmatic breathing:- 
Hold for a slow count of four
Breathe out through your mouth for a slow count of four (imagine your stomach pushing the air out)
Hold for a slow count of four

How to Calm Down When Nervous in 3 Simple Steps

Feeling nervous is a perfectly natural feeling. Luckily, there are ways on how to calm down when nervous. Check out the 3 steps below and see if they can stop your anxiety.
Step # 1: Breathe In, Breathe Out.
As ridiculous as it seems, people tend to forget how to breathe when they're feeling nervous. Breathing evenly helps your body adjust to the situation. Focusing on your breathing also distracts your mind from conjuring up all sorts of nervous-inciting scenarios.
A lot of people actually practice meditation in order to calm themselves down.
Step # 2: Think About the Aftermath.
Five minutes before your speech and your stomach still can't stop making cartwheels. One way on how to calm down when nervous is by focusing on that feeling.
Step # 3: Give Yourself an Extra Boost of Confidence.
Pep talks do wonders for a nervous person. Hopefully, you can apply these steps whenever you need to stay cool and confident.
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How to Calm Social Anxiety

Social anxiety attacks can develop when you are in the midst of other people, these panic attacks can be very discomforting; however they are harmless.

For instance, if you are being chased by a lion, you will undoubtedly experience panic attack. This type of situation is what triggers the panic response.

A social anxiety attack can be very embarrassing, especially in social situations where your boss is present. Thankfully, you can learn how to calm anxiety on demand.

What Are the Symptoms of Social Anxiety?
How to Calm Anxiety 101
Take-in short breathes and Deep Breaths Out

When you notice that you are experiencing social anxiety, you will realize that you take in short breaths in and out - this is known as hyperventilating. By breathing out longer than you take inhale, you will reduce the panic attack's momentum and help your body calm down.

Go to the Bathroom and Splash Cool Water all Over Your Face 

The first thing some people learn when knowing how to calm anxiety quickly is by splashing cool water all over their face. When you splash cold water on your face, this will slow down the heart rate immediately.

Then, you can start breathing normally afterwards.
When it comes to learning effective ways of how to calm anxiety, you need to understand that the breathing technique works well.

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